by tutors from Sberbank CIB, BCG и BIG 4
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1. Why do you need this?
From student to Business Analyst in 2 months
We teach
practical skills
We will guide you
from CV to workflow
Salary will be more than 100 000 rubles after employment
2. Where can you find a job after our course?
3. Why should you choose us?
Competent CV / CL preparation
We will tell you how to make competent
CV and CL, which the employer will notice
Preparation for screening
Successful completion's skills of all screening stages in the company,
certificate of completion of the Program
Cooperation and partnerships
Cooperation with companies
for internships and employment
Best tutors
from Sberbank CIB, BCG, BIG 4 and other leading companies
Meetings and dinners with guest speakers
Opportunity to talk to industry representatives in person and hear about their career experience
Ranking of the best students
The best in the ranking of students
will receive potential benefits
in employment and bonuses from us
4. What we teach?
Preparing for a financial/consulting interviews
- CV / CL
- Interview (technical part,
fit-questions, brainteasers)
- Tests (quantitative,
verbal, professional)
- Business game
- Elevator pitch
- Obtaining the technical knowledge necessary for daily work
- Getting acquainted with the
everyday life of a banker/consultant
Preparing to work as a banker/consultant
5. Program of classes
Program of online classes
During the entire period of study, students prepare a team case on one of the proposed transactions,
which will be protected in front of representatives of the financial/consulting industry

6. Some of our tutors
Mikhail Kryukov
Senior Associate
Dmitry Tretyakov
3 years experience in the investment Fund
Passed CFA Level I
Graduate Of New York University
Ilya Izmailov
Kirill Kuzmin
Sberbank CIB
Senior Analyst
7. Learning formats
Offline program
Offline is a unique team experience, as well as an opportunity to learn from professionals. Classes are held in the office of the company once a week on Saturdays (total 8 classes). In addition to Hard Skills you will improve your networking and presentation skills.
Online program
Online is a program available anywhere in the world! You will have access to all the materials of the program and the video lessons recorded for you by our tutors.
Intensive (registration closed)
Intensive is a one-day program, the most justifying its name: 6 hours of non-stop work (except with a break for lunch). All the basic subtleties and skills of investment Analytics and consulting. Registration for intensive is closed for now, we will inform you about the date later.
You will get
Full lesson on a specific topic
One-evening lesson
Access to the platform
with course materials
Access to the database of tests and homework
Certificate of completion
Guest speakers
Video tutorials with Cambridge University graduates
The opportunity to pass the program anywhere and at a convenient time
Professional coach
The best tutors!
Forming the CV's base
8. How much does training cost?
Offline course
(9th February)
15 000 rub
  • Attending offline classes
  • Personal account with access to all lessons of the program
  • Meeting with speakers
  • Access to test database
  • Certificate of completion
Online course
(at any time)
9 000 rub
  • View online classes
  • Personal account with access to all lessons of the program
  • Access to test database
  • Certificate of completion
Any questions?
9. FAQ
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1. Who is the course for?
Current undergraduate students (2-4 year), master's and recent graduates.
The course is suitable for both beginners and intermediate students. Before starting the lesson, we recommend you to read the recommended literature for better assimilation of the material (including it is necessary for passing the tests)

2. What is the difference from other courses?
Structuring and result-oriented. With proper study of the material provided, you will go through a full simulation of the path from applying for a job to honing working skills. An additional difference is the system of speakers, industry leaders, managing partners, directors of large domestic and international companies who will share their personal experience, practice and comment on the current state of the industry

3. In what industries is it possible to work after the course?
Big Four, Big Three, financial and investment companies, consulting and industry companies. You will acquire the necessary skills and practice for the successful completion of the employment process, and for the effective performance of work tasks

4. What the essence of the speakers and how are they different from tutors?
Tutors are directly responsible for the courses, speakers are invited participants of the program as industry experts in the framework of the transfer of experience

5. Will I have access to the materials and on what basis?
All basic materials are available free of charge to course participants. Additional interesting materials can be provided on a fee basis, but they are optional and optional for successful completion of the course.
In addition, for some time after the end of the course You will have access to your personal account, where the materials will be updated to the level of new sets for the course

6. Are classes required to attend?
Yes, you can only skip 1 lesson. Attendance records are kept

7. Are there any control/entrance tests?
There is no entrance exam for the program, the selection of candidates is carried out according to the results of the CV review. During the course, students will write tests on various topics of Finance / Consulting (1 test at home and 1 test in the class on the read literature), at the end of the course - exam. Also, throughout the course, students prepare a case that will be protected at the end of training.

8. Do I need my own computer in class?
Yes! Students come with their laptops, preferably with a battery charge, which would be enough for 3 hours

9. Why do Consulting and Finance go together?
In this course, we consider aspects that will be equally applicable for both financiers and consultants (presentations, Finance, business games).
Consulting and Finance are two of the most popular and promising career areas due to high wages and growth opportunities. You will have the opportunity to look inside at both and compare. Next, if you want, you can choose one of our in-depth Finance or consulting courses to dive deeper into the aspects of transactions, financial modeling, or the formation of an integrated assessment system for companies

10. Are there any discounts on the program?
Our first launch is at a reduced price, no discounts are expected. The best rated students will have the opportunity to get a discount on advanced courses
10. Contacts
+7 917 572 76 44

(Weekdays с 9:00 до 20:00)
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