We invest capital

Bolt invests $100k to $500k in early stage startups at the intersection of hardware and software. But that's just where we start.
We're part of your team
Bolt's full time engineering staff works with portfolio companies each and every day. We're not mentors or advisors. We leverage our experience of shipping tens of millions of units to ensure your team executes well every step along the way.
We help you prototype and iterate
Building prototypes for hardware products is fraught with difficulty. All of our portfolio companies have access to our world-class prototyping shops in San Francisco and Boston.
We de-risk manufacturing
Manufacturing can kill you. Don't let it. Our team has designed and shipped tens of millions of units for a wide variety of products. We challenge and support companies to constantly think about mass production during the design phase.
We've got China covered

While our engineering team helps plan for production during the design phase, our extended family at Dragon Innovation helps execute. If you're building a consumer product, Dragon is the best resource in the world to support growing startups building their first product at scale.


90% of manufacturing is design. Knowing how to design parts for mass-production takes years of experience. We've got you covered.

Intelligently asking for quotes from CMs is harder than you think. Preparing drawings and knowing which processes to quote in what kind of volume and how to negotiate can be the difference between success and failure.

Picking the right contract manufacturer is just as important as picking the right co-founder. We have a large database of CMs that we've worked with all over the world.

Quality is everything. Many young startups mistakenly prioritize cost over quality. We ensure you design and build your product to be robust and reliable.
The best of both coasts
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